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April 2016 Royal Veterinary College

Diabetes (Diabetes mellitus) is not only an increasingly common disease in humans but in cats and dogs too. The Rumba Foundation has recently donated funds for the development of a mobile phone application (an ‘app’) to enable pet owners to monitor their own pet’s diabetes. You can download the app FREE from the App Store or Google Play, now.




2015 Surrey University

Cancer treatment is often a costly and complex task. The C-arm, which is designed for human use too, uses x-rays to produce real time moving images and allows surgeons to treat specific organs, such as inserting a stent into a blocked blood vessel or uretha, or carry out minimally invasive fracture repair. The Rumba Foundation has made a donation to Surrey University to enable the purchase of a C-Arm. The donation also helps patient owner’s costs by not having to include the cost of the C-Arm itself.

The C-Arm is shown below (its the big C on the left).


The C-Arm

The C-Arm with professor Nick Bacon and Trustees Fiona and Jim Hindle

June 2013 Royal Veterinary College

Animals, just like humans, can have blood transfusions and it is surprising how often this is necessary. The Royal Veterinary College have recently pioneered a new blood donating and transfusion facililty at their Potters Bar site in Hertfordshire.

The Rumba Foundation is thrilled to have made a donation to help purchase a Tube Welder for the Blood Donor Programme, which helps save the lives of cats and dogs at the Royal Veterinary College. This important piece of equipment enables the Blood Transfusion Service to attach another sterile empty blood bag to an existing blood bag by fusing the tubing together, and transfer blood from one bag to another without breaking sterility. Blood is stored in standard single unit bags so this equipment is important as it allows them to use small amounts of blood for small patients without wasting the rest of the unit of red blood cells.

Sacha (blood donor) and Kingy

Sacha (blood donor) and Kingy

The donation was made possible by people from the UK giving money to Rumba. If you would like to support the work we undertake at Rumba, please go to our Just Giving page .

Our Mission
The Rumba Foundation was set up in 2012 to help pioneer clinical care for companion animals. Our passion is to support projects which make a direct impact on the health of cats and dogs and other small animals.

Max – A Blood Donor
“Max went for his first visit to the RVC this morning to see about becoming a blood donor. They gave him a blood test to see what type he was, which was ‘negative’. As it was the type they are short of and as he was so laid back they took some blood there and then…”

See the full story and pictures here…

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